LED Neon Loveliness

our signs look exactly like traditional neons, but they are brighter, more durable, energy saving & more cost effective

Our LED Neon Range

These neons create a lively and interesting focal point in any room in the house, but are especially eye catching in a games room, or children’s rooms. They are provided with a small power supply, ready for use, and all you need to do is plug into your mains plug socket.

LED Neon Flex

The LED neon flex uses an ultra-high bright LED which has a linear continuous light effect without the hotspots which are typical in LED neon rope, and due to the coloured PVC jacket the neon is still effective during daylight

Neon signs

The neons are set on a 3mm Perspex and come supplied with a hanging chain, power supply and dimmer which has 6 speeds and 5 different modes that flash and dim. This design also features a child safety wire which disconnect when pulled

LED power supply

The neon is very safe and uses a low voltage power supply and because most of the energy is converted to light and not heat it is cool to touch and very energy efficient. The LED life span is approximately 80,000 hours